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TB6600 4.5A stepper motor driver stepper motor driver board single axis controller module

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This is a high-quality, high-power, and cost-effective driver!

High current 4.5A, high voltage 45V, output short circuit protection, better performance! 

1) The working voltage is DC 10V-45V. It is recommended to use switching power supply DC32V for power supply.

2) The use of 6N137 high-speed optical coupling to ensure high speed without losing step.

3) Using Toshiba's new high-current, high-voltage TB6600HG brand new original chip, with low-voltage shutdown, overheating shutdown and over-current protection circuits, and short-circuit protection compared to TB6560.

4) The rated maximum output reaches: ±4.5A.

5) Suitable for 42, 57, 86 two-phase/four-phase/four-wire/six-wire stepper motors within 4.2A.

6) Automatic half-flow function.

7) Subdivision: full step, half step, 1/4 step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step, maximum 16 subdivisions.

8) Volume: width 50 * length 82 * height 35 (MM)

feature of product:

1. The output current is steplessly adjustable to meet your various application requirements.

2. Automatic half-flow function. It is also equipped with an automatic half-flow switch, which is easy to use.

3. The 6N137 high-speed optical lotus is used to ensure high speed without losing step.

4. The subdivision setting instructions are printed on the back of the board.

5. The use of enlarged radiator ensures good heat dissipation.

6. With output short-circuit protection function, worry-free use.

7. Adopting the common anode input mode, there are two input terminals, the wiring is more convenient.