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Special offer 5 axis offline CNC controller set 500KHz motion control system 7 inch

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The control system is the newly developed "motion controller" using high-performance 32-bit CPU and high-performance FPGA, equipped with a seven-inch LCD display, user-friendly window-type human-machine interface, memory with external USB port and built-in TF card (user Optional), large storage space, working voltage 12-24 volts ultra-wide input, touch-operated keyboard.

The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and convenient operation. Simple, clear parameters make your operation easy and fast. The input/output setting function is convenient for your use and maintenance.



Five-axis linkage

Multi-micro multi-line segment forward control algorithm

Five-axis linear interpolation and five-axis multi-micro multi-line continuous interpolation

Broken line continue to control

Power-down storage coordinate function

Support handwheel control interface.


The main function:

Parameter setting: It can set various control parameters related to machining and operation to achieve the best processing result.

Manual operation: It can realize manual, jog, return to program zero, return to mechanical zero, coordinate clearing and other operations.

Program management: New, delete, modify, read, save, copy and paste, automatic processing, continuous, pause and other functions can be performed on the program.

External Manual: A variety of external manual functions can be defined for ease of use

External handwheel controller: You can set the step size of each step, supporting both position and speed modes.

Teach function: External input or panel control input can be defined.

Free choice of input function: enable limited input ports to achieve various user needs



 Appearance: (panel 297mm*176mm) (inlay: 284mm*164mm) (thickness 58mm)


Hardware composition:

High performance, high speed 32-bit ARM CPU, high performance FPGA

LCD display (resolution: 800 × 480)

Input / output (2 channels of optical isolation 10mA input, 8 channels of optical isolation, down tank flow 500mA output)


Technical indicators:

1 Minimum display data unit: 0.001mm

2 The normal accuracy is: ±2PP

3 Continuous straight-line corner accuracy: In normal state, it is 1/4 of the corner bow height (can be defined as any value)

4 Maximum data size ±99999.999mm

5 The highest pulse output frequency is 500KHz (all five axes can be 500KHZ at the same time)

6 Number of control axes 5 axes (X, Y, Z, 4, 5)

7 Number of linkage axes 5-axis linkage and 5-axis multi-micro multi-line segment forward-looking interpolation control

8 Support handwheel control input Optional speed mode or position mode

9 Intelligent software limit Predict the deceleration point in advance, the reverse will be automatically released, making the control more user-friendly

10 Support U disk, built-in memory can be expanded to reach 32G high storage capacity