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plasma cutting motion control system F2100B engraving machine controller supports G code and FastCAM, FreeNest

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F2100B is the numerical control system is the advantage of the company to absorb many CNC systems at home and abroad, combined with the public

Division F2100B, F2300, F2500 and F2600, F3100, F5100 series CNC system, developed

A product that is more user-friendly, easier to operate, and more cost-effective. The product uses two-axis digitization

Position control method for oxygen gas, plasma, laser cutting industry. Suitable for all position control

Two-axis CNC machine tool.

The control system is light and portable, easy to operate, easy to use, and all menus have menu or graphic prompts.

Fooling operation. All button switches are user-friendly and comfortable.

The F2100B controller uses a high-performance ARM chip and a very large-scale programmable device FPGA to run more

The task real-time operating system uses a combination of software interpolation and hardware interpolation to make the high-speed operation more

It is stable, reliable and reflects quickly. Based on the research of CNC system for Fangling CNC for many years,

Machine control is more stable and the protection mechanism is quite perfect.


Technical indicators:

1) Number of control axes: 2-axis linkage (customizable three-axis or four-axis)

2) Control accuracy: ±001mm

3) Coordinate range: ± 99999.99mm

4) Maximum pulse frequency: 200KHz; maximum operating speed: 15 meters / minute

5) Maximum number of program lines: 80,000 lines

6) Maximum single program: 4M

7) Time class resolution: 10ms

8) System working power: DC +24V DC power input, power is greater than 80W.

9) System working environment: temperature -10 ° C to +60 ° C; relative humidity 0-95% without condensation

10) Drive arc voltage increase motor maximum power: 45W (Note: only with T system). If you need more work

Rate, optional up to 200W.


System interface:

  1. a) DB15 core male two-axis motor drive interface
  2. b) DB25 core female 16 optically isolated output, maximum reverse current 300mA
  3. c) DB25 core male 16 optically isolated inputs, maximum input current 300mA
  4. d) The front panel has a built-in USB interface for the user to transfer the cutting code.
  5. e) extended IO input and output port; PWM input port; analog input port
  6. f) Optional standard DB9 core male serial port RS232 interface


Hardware Configuration:

  1. Display: 7 inch 800*480 high resolution 16 million color high brightness LCD screen
  2. Memory: 64M SDRAM
  3. User program space: 256M
  4. Main frequency: 400MHZ system frequency
  5. USB: USB1.1 interface front, at least 16GB USB flash drive.
  6. Keyboard: PCB foil keyboard
  7. Chassis: The whole steel structure is completely shielded, which can truly prevent electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference and anti-static


System Features:

48 common graphics libraries (including grid graphics) with the option to set the tile size and hole size.

Support EIA code (G code) and various nesting software such as FastCAM, FreeNest, SmartNest, IBE. Supports suffixes such as TXT, CNC, NC, MPG, B3 and other G codes.

Supports common instructions for ESSI codes.

Compact keyboard design, but the function is not simple, making manual input files more comprehensive

Graphic scale, rotation, mirror adjustment

Graphics can be matrix arranged, interactively arranged, stacked

The original size of the workpiece and the size of the slit are displayed simultaneously, which is intuitive and convenient.

 Graphic steel plate correction, any steel plate edge can be used as a correction edge

Customizable coordinate system, supporting all eight possibilities for two-dimensional coordinates

Customizable type of all input and output ports (normally open or normally closed) and number

Self-diagnosis of all IO status and button status of the system for easy inspection and troubleshooting

Front U disk interface for easy program transfer

The system upgrade adopts U disk upgrade mode, which is convenient, simple and practical, and provides lifetime upgrade service.

Support system backup and system restore function, system restore can restore only the operating system, can also be restored to Factory status

 All functions and processes of the entire system can be upgraded online, eliminating the worry of after-sales. l Single or all import and export processing files

Parameter backup and parameter restoration

Supports oxygen gas, plasma, dusting and demonstration 4 modes

Various processing parameters are available to meet different process requirements

Oxygen gas and plasma IO separate control

Oxygen gas is automatically adjusted, two-stage preheating, three-stage perforation

Plasma arc pressure feedback, positioning feedback, automatic closing of the arc voltage

Suffix with T controller, self-integrated arc voltage height control function (THC) l Built-in plasma arc pressure automatic / manual height adjustment function: can display actual arc pressure and set arc voltage, set arc voltage

Increase parameters, detect collision/positioning success signal, arcing signal control, positioning test

The plasma arc pressure control supports two speeds and distances to close the arc voltage, which makes the machine more stable.


Support edge cutting, reduce warm-up time for thicker steel plates

Accelerate and decelerate in real time during exercise

According to the thickness of the steel plate, the speed limit can be automatically set at the corner to effectively prevent overburning.

Manually select the starting line or select the perforation point

Dynamic/static processing graphic display, graphic enlargement/reduction, dynamic tracking cutting point in zoomed state

 DSP high-speed, high-precision interpolation control, high-speed operation, stable operation, low noise

Arbitrarily set the starting speed, lifting speed time

With power-off, breakpoint protection memory function

“Offset cutting” function avoids waste of plates due to incorrect calculation of the nesting

Different management rights and corresponding passwords can be set to protect the rights of equipment manufacturers.

Remote control that supports P2P mode or BCD (8421) and serial RS232 mode

Support laser point function

Support plasma dynamic perforation

Statistics on processing piece count, running time, number of piercing, etc.