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Motor controller kit 1 pcs Brushless motor driver 400W 1 pcs Brushless spindle motor 48VDC ER8 2 pcs Aluminum motor block

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product content:


Spindle speed control*1

Spindle fixture*1

Screw *4



1, up to 400W power output

2, 48VDC power input

3, control panel potentiometer control, external voltage control, external PWM control three kinds of speed control mode

  1. The control panel starts and stops, and the external IO starts and stops.

5, 12000 rev / min maximum speed control

6, M542 standard heat sink + plastic shell

7, adapt to the engraving machine DC brushless spindle drive control

8, 400W DC brushless spindle motor + ER8 chuck

9, with a 1.5 meter motor extension cable

  1. The control panel can be removed and installed with the user cabinet.