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Mach3 USB interface NVUM-SP cnc motion controller nvcm 3 axis 4 axis 5 axis 6 axis cnc motion control card metal case does not heat

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product content: 

Control panel*1

USB cable*1


Product introduction:

NVUM_SPv1.1 is the 3-6 axis motion controller we spend 4 years to design.

NVUM_SPv1.1 support Mach3 software and standard MPG, through USB to

communicate with computer.

NVUM_SPv1.1 motion controller adopts the ARM design framework. The ARM

design includes communication, code analytic, underlying algorithm and pulse generation.

Rational design, reliable control, convenient operation.


Products specification:

 Support USB;

10 ports photoelectric isolated input interface for ordinary digital data;

 3 ports photoelectric isolated output interface for ordinary digital data;

 1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output);

can support 3-6 axis stepper systems,100KHz pulse output for every axis;

 ARM motion control chip;

 Compatible with MPG input,support the digital display MPG from our company。


Products Appearance and size:

NVUM_SPv1.1 motion controller is with the sealed shell structure,there are 4pcs setting holes at the bottom.We can fix 4pcs 4mm diameter holes at the cabinet,and install the controller into the cabinet.The controller appearance as the Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2 show:

The products overall size is 96mm*62mm*20mm

The bottom install size is 50.3mm*81.4mm

 Product connection define and method:

  1. Stepper motor control interface
  2. Common IO output interface
  3. MPG connection
  4. Spindle control output
  5. Estop limited Tool setting input interface
  6. USB Port