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MACH3 USB hid Manual control extended current board Do not install screw versions Analog voltage (0-5v) to digital quantity

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Package including:

Expansion board*1

USB cable*1


product description:

64 digital inputs (LS TTL): Available with various MACH3 shortcuts or OEM codes, including common start, emergency stop, + per axis, per axis - and more;

4 analog voltage inputs (0-5V): can be used for feeding, fast trimming speed, etc., converting analog voltage (0-5V) to digital 1-254;

4 encoder inputs: handwheel input;

Support all versions of Mach3, including the latest version of Mach3 R3.042.040;

Support all Windows versions;

USB does not need to install drivers, all Windows versions are plug and play.

Full support for USB hot plugging, monitoring USB connection status at any time, Mach3 work, USB cable is pulled out and plugged in, can also be connected normally.