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Leadshine 57 stepper motor 23 / 57CM series of various specifications high torque low heat and high stability

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1. 2 phase stepper motor, NRMA23 frame size.

2. Built with high quality material including bearings and shaft.

3. High precision, low motor heat, low vibration.

4. 2.1Nm static moment, 5A rated current.

5. Applicable for CNC automation machine equipment.



Item name: Stepper Motor

Model: 57CM23

Application: Automation machine equipment

Static moment: 2.1Nm

Rated current: 5A

Length: 76mm/3.0in

Shaft: 8mm/0.315in

Package weight: Approx. 1097g/38.7oz


Package List:

1 * Stepper Motor

  • low motor heat, 5A rated current.
  • Applicable for CNC automation machine equipment.
  • low vibration.
  • 2.1Nm static moment