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Leadshine 2 Phase 57 Series NEMA23 Stepper Motor Kit 57HS21A + Driver M542C Input Voltage VDC20-50V

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M542 subdivision two-phase hybrid stepping motor driver, with DC 18 ~ 50V power supply, suitable for two-phase hybrid stepping motor with driving voltage of 24V ~ 50V, current less than 4.2A outer diameter of 42 ~ 86mm. The driver is subdivided by the current loop of the AC servo drive. The torque ripple of the motor is very small, the operation at low speed is very smooth, and there is almost no vibration and noise. The torque at high speed is also much higher than other two-phase drives, and the positioning accuracy is high. It is widely used in equipments with high resolution requirements such as engraving machines, CNC machine tools and packaging machinery.


main feature :

1 Average current control, two-phase sinusoidal current drive output

2 DC 24~50V power supply

3 photoelectric isolation signal input / output

4 Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, phase-to-phase short-circuit protection

5 16-segment subdivision and automatic semi-flow function

6 eight-speed output phase current setting

7 with offline command input terminal

8 The torque of the motor is related to its speed, regardless of the number of steps per revolution of the motor. 9 High starting speed 10 High speed torque