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DM542 Stepper Motor Controller Leadshine 2-phase Digital Stepper Motor Driver 18-48 VDC Max. 4.2A for 57 86 Series Motor

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The DM542/DM556 DSP digital driver is powered by DC 24-50V and is suitable for two-phase hybrid stepping motors with a 42-57-86 two-phase hybrid stepping motor and a current less than 4.2A. The current loop of the AC servo drive is used for subdivision control, which has strong anti-interference, stable operation of the equipment, no loss of step, low torque fluctuation of the motor and high positioning accuracy.



1 power supply voltage up to 48VDC

2 output current peaks up to 4.2A

3 optical isolation, input can be common, common yang, differential signal, impulse response frequency 200KHz

4 low speed zero vibration, and noise and small

5 Strong anti-interference ability, high precision positioning in the harsh environment of the power grid


Application areas:

Automatic packaging machine, dispensing machine, engraving machine and other automation equipment


Electrical characteristics:

Input power 24~50V DC power supply, capacity: not less than 200VA. Typical value: DC36V

Output current 1.0A ~ 4.2A, 8 files adjustable, resolution 0.5A.

Drive mode Bipolar constant current PWM drive output.

Insulation resistance >500MΩ at normal temperature and pressure.

Insulation strength 500V/min at normal temperature and pressure.

The weight is about 200 grams.


Drive function description signal interface:

PUL+ and PUL- are the positive and negative terminals of the control pulse signal; DIR+ and DIR- are the positive and negative terminals of the direction signal; ENA+ and ENA- are the positive and negative terminals of the enable signal.

Motor interface

A+ and A- are connected to the positive and negative ends of the A-phase winding of the stepping motor; B+ and B- are connected to the positive and negative ends of the B-phase winding of the stepping motor. When the A and B two-phase windings are exchanged, the motor direction can be reversed.

Power interface

It is powered by DC power supply. The working voltage range is recommended to be 20-50VDC. The power supply is greater than 100W. According to the actual use, the input is not suitable for DC48V.

Indicator light

The drive has two red and green lights. The green light is the power indicator. When the drive is powered on, the green light is always on; the red light is the fault indicator. When an overvoltage or overcurrent fault occurs, the fault light is always on. After the fault is cleared, the red light is off. When the drive fails, the fault can only be cleared by powering up and re-enabling.