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DDCSV3.1 CNC offline motion control system motor motion controller instead of mach3 motion control system metal housing

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Performance parameters:

1) 16-channel optocoupler isolated digital input interface, 3 optocouplers isolated digital input and output;

2) The new version enhances the algorithm, supports flexible circular interpolation, and corrects the deficiencies in the circular interpolation commands in the old version;

3) 1 channel 0-10V spindle speed control analog output interface (can be modified into PWM output);

4) 3-4 axis pulse direction uses differential output, the maximum interpolation pulse output frequency is 500Khz;

5) ARM9 main control chip, FPGA core algorithm chip;

6) 5 inches TFT screen, resolution: 480x272, 17 operation keys;

7) The main control equipment is 24VDC power input, the current capacity requirement is not less than 0.5A;

8) The IO port power input is also 24VDC, and the current capacity requirement is not less than 0.5A; all IO ports do not need to be configured with an external power supply, such as

Connect relays and the like;

9) Support U disk to read G command, G command file size is not required;

10) Support standard MPG;

11) Support panel button single-axis manual jog and linkage and distance operation;

12) Support fast specified operation position operation;

13) Support multi-coordinate system (automatically save power down);

14) With breakpoint memory, power-down automatic protection function;

15) Support to save the breakpoint function (automatically save by pressing the pause button during operation, automatically save after power off);

16) The controller controller only supports NPN type limit switches;

17) The new version is made of sheet metal, which is atmospheric and has better anti-interference ability.


1) American and imperial units in the system can be converted;

2) Handwheel MPG master control page, file page and configuration page, extended keyboard can also operate and edit controller;

3) New trial cut function, single line processing,

4) The tool setting function is increased to 4 modes;

5) The software is greatly adjusted and optimized, and the parameter configuration is greatly increased to make the performance more powerful and reliable;

6) Controller language is Chinese/English/Russian


Product appearance structure and size:

Can be embedded in the cabinet, make 4 holes in the cabinet, then embed the device, use 4 screws to lock from the inside

The device can be fixed to the cabinet for easy installation.

Product panel size is 191mm * 128mm * 5mm;

The body size is 191mm * 128mm * 37mm;

The mounting hole size of the cabinet is 182.5mm * 59mm.


The back of the product has a USB interface, an MPG interface and a main interface, as well as an external start/pause/emergency stop interface.

In order to facilitate the safe and convenient use of our products, we will provide the following accessories: 2-layer terminal block for main interface, handwheel wiring plug, start/suspend/emergency stop interface terminal block, 20 cm U disk extension cable