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CNC motion control card mach3 Ethernet interface control NVEC400 engraving machine drilling and milling machine processing

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NVEC400 is a 6-axis motion controller;

The NVEC400 supports mach3 control and communicates with a computer using Ethernet interface communication.


Performance parameters:

Ethernet interface communication;

S Support mach3

S 16-channel optocoupler isolates the common digital input interface;

S 12-channel optocoupler isolates the common digital output interface;

S 1 way 0-10V spindle speed control analog output interface (can be modified to PWM output);

S Supports up to 6-channel stepper motor control, single-axis control pulse 400KHz;

S The main control equipment is 12V-36V power input, and the power capacity requirement is not less than 10W;

S Aluminum alloy casing, strong anti-interference ability and excellent EMC design.


Shape and size:

The NVEC400 has an open structure with 2 mounting holes at the bottom for two 4mm diameters on the cabinet.

Round the hole and install the unit on the cabinet. The product dimensions are shown in Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2.

The product appearance size is 146mm*106mm*36mm;

The mounting hole size is 105.5mm*85.5mm. For diagonal mounting, there are 2 M4 tapped holes on the heat sink.



Wiring definition:

1, Ethernet control interface


2, stepper motor control interface


3, spindle control output interface


4.Main power interface