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CNC 34/86 two-phase digital stepper motor driver 2DM860 mach3 engraving machine CNC system stepper motor driver

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 1.the main features

1: New 32-bit DSP technology, optically isolated differential signal input (26LS32), ultra-low vibration noise

2: Subdivision setting range is 2-128, built-in 500 times frequency high subdivision (selected subdivision value)

3: It can drive the 4.6.8 line two-phase stepping motor, and the current setting can be directly selected at the rated value.

4: The current is automatically halved at rest, and the impulse response frequency is up to 250KHZ.

5: With over voltage, under voltage, short circuit and other protection functions, alarm output function I / O port, alarm clear input ENA

2.performance introduction:

The 2DM860H is a new digital stepper motor driver. It uses the latest 32-bit DSP control technology. The user can set the subdivision to 25600 and the current value to the rated current. The driver uses built-in micro-segmentation technology. Smoothness and noise are greatly improved in low subdivisions. The internal integration of the drive is an automatic adjustment function that automatically adjusts the optimal operating parameters of the different motors to maximize the performance of the motor.