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57 closed-loop driver Set JSSD2505M + SSD257EC80E1 2.2NM Woodworking Laser engraving machine

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Product List: 

Closed loop driver *1

Closed loop motor *1

Motor extension cord *1

Encoder extension cable *1



JSSD2505M hybrid step servo drive system is a perfect integration of servo control technology in digital stepping drive. The product adopts typical three-loop control method (position loop, speed loop and current loop), which is compatible with both stepping and servo. Drive a two-phase hybrid stepper motor. It is a very cost-effective motion control product.


main feature :

1: Full-closed control, the motor is equipped with 1000 line encoder, close to 100% torque output, subdivision setting range is 2-256, high speed response, high speed

2: Optical isolation fault alarm output interface ALM, current loop bandwidth (-3dB) 2KHz (typical), speed loop broadband 500Hz (typical)

3: Position loop broadband 200Hz (typical), can be downloaded or changed parameters with RS232 serial communication

4: overcurrent, I2T, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overspeed, out of tolerance protection