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3-axis CNC motion controller woodworking engraving machine handle type offline controller WEIHONG NK105 DIY small processing

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NK105 is an embedded industrial control platform integrated machine independently developed by the company. It provides customers with a complete set of solutions based on engraving machines.


The NK105 all-in-one consists of a host system and an operation panel. The host system is also called a control box. The system control card, terminal board and other parts are used.

The components are integrated into one unit and connected to the operator panel via a 15-pin patch cord.

The upper and lower ends of the control box are inlaid with terminals, and the left side contains a USB interface and a DB15 interface. The DB15 interface is connected at the factory.

As a panel. The USB interface provides the user with an external USB device (such as a USB flash drive).

The operation panel, also known as the hand-held box, is similar in size to the handwheel, simple and light, and can be disconnected from the host system through a 15-pin patch cord.

The electric cabinet conveniently controls the operation of the machine. The moving distance is limited only by the length of the patch cord.