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2-phase 23/57 closed-loop stepper motor driver + closed-loop stepper motor kit CNC engraving machine 2HSS57 + 57J1880EC-1000-LS

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Product List:

  1. HSS57 closed loop driver X1
  2. 57J1880EC-1000-LS closed                 loop motor X1
  3. 3 m encoder line X1


2HSS57 product introduction

1. 2HSS57 stepper drive system is on digital stepper drive

Integrate servo control technology into it

2.The product uses an optical encoder,

3. High-speed sampling position feedback every 50 microseconds,

4. Once there is a deviation in position The amount of positional deviation can be corrected immediately.



1.No lost step, accurate positioning

2.100% rated torque drive motor

  1. Variable current control technology, high current efficiency
  2. Low vibration and stable operation at low speed
  3. Built-in acceleration and deceleration control to improve start-stop smoothness
  4. Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, out-of-tolerance protection


Installation size: